Our Efforts

At Celiac India & Beyond Foundation, our efforts are geared towards:

Providing information to the celiac community

Access to information is the key to manage any disease or diet and hence a key focus for us. We aim to:

1. Provide basic information about celiac disease and gluten free diet which is easy to understand by patients and their families.

2. Use local language so as to benefit the majority of individuals. Some key awareness material has been presented in Hindi. We are looking to expand the translation to the entire content and in other languages too in future.

3. Present information which is relevant in the context of our country, its social and regulatory scene, food habits, availability of ingredients etc.

4. Ensure that the information is easily accessible to all

Creating awareness in the entire population

In India, awareness about this condition and diet is extremely limited presently. Many myths abound which need to be corrected too. It is only an aware society which will be sensitive to the needs of celiacs and help to create a difference in their lives, hence our efforts to reach out to the public at large.

Creating awareness amongst industry

To help ensure that the dietary requirements of celiacs are well taken care of and even a newly diagnosed celiac can adapt easily to the new diet, the food, hospitality, educational institutions amongst others have to be aware of various aspects of this condition and of gluten free diet.

Collaborating with industry to create resources for the gluten free

We plan to collaborate with different members of industry to create resources and options which can help our gluten free members. The role of food industry is particularly critical in ensuring compliance and hence, interaction and collaboration with the food industry – packaged food, other food and beverages and hospitality industry – will be pivotal to our success. This interaction will be complex but a continuous one. These efforts will ensure that children and adults on gluten free diet will not feel left out – This is truly our primary aim.

Creating awareness amongst health professionals

To address the low diagnosis rate of this condition in India is another key objective for us. Creating awareness amongst healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical industry and policymakers becomes imperative, which we plan to do through our various awareness and interaction efforts with them. This includes teaching and training via direct interactions, power point presentations, questions and answers and expert opinions.

Collaborating with various international organizations and experts

To understand the finer nuances about celiac disease and gluten free diet, we plan to interact with some of the world’s leading organizations and experts. Our collaboration with Gluten Intolerance Group, USA is the first through whom we will bring a monthly Q & A. GIG is a powerhouse for gluten free certification and other industry awareness programs in USA.

Special focus on children

Children constitute the majority of the celiac community in India. Resources and programs exclusively designed for them and for schools will thus be paramount. We want them to learn more, feel empowered and more importantly, comply more as non- compliance amongst them is one of our biggest areas of concern today. We also recognize that it is these children who will shape the nature of care of celiac disease in the coming decades.