Safe and unsafe items

‘Which food items are safe and which are not?’ is the most critical question for individuals with celiac disease and for their families.

The good news is that 3 out of 4 basic food groups are completely safe for a gluten free diet. The bad news – that wheat finds its way in many food items, especially packaged products.

Read our safe and unsafe list of food items and the food items where gluten may be hidden in the form of a food additive. We have compiled information here which is suited for the Indian consumer and it is our endeavor to obtain as much information as possible about the packaged products from manufacturers. Read about reading food labels and look out for updates and our interaction with food industry experts to learn more.

SAFE ITEMS: Except wheat, barley, rye, oats and their hybrid grains, all naturally occurring food items are inherently gluten free. This would make many food items which you are eating presently gluten free in their natural form. Some of these items are listed below.

Packaged and processed products could be safe if declared gluten free as per laid down international standards. Read our monthly column with Gluten Intolerance Group, USA to understand more about gluten testing of products.

UNSAFE ITEMS: Gluten can be present in a food product in many ways:

It is important to keep in mind that gluten protein is very resistant to alteration and no amount of cooking or method of cooking alters its toxic potential for a celiac.