Interaction with health experts

Celiac disease manifests itself in many ways and a patient can present himself not just to a gastroenterologist but to any specialist. Read more

Presented here are our interactions with various specialists, in India and overseas, who have dealt with cases of celiac disease. We hope their experience will give us all an insight into the manifestations of this condition and help us suspect and diagnose celiac disease early.

Dr. Ted

Dr. Ted Malahias - Dentist, USA

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Dr. Malahias has researched the subject of dental enamel defects in celiac disease. He has shared a presentation about the same with us which will help us understand about the association of dental defects with celiac disease.

Dr. Anju

Dr. Anju Virmani - Diabetologist and Endocrinologist,
New Delhi, India

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Dr. Anju Virmani is a senior consultant  with over 20 years experience, practicing at leading hospital chains in New Delhi. Read our Q and A with her to understand more about the association between hormonal problems and celiac disease.