We have strived to bring to you a combination of resources to take care of gluten free food for the gluten free community including substitutes for wheat flour items, variety for your everyday food and contributions by food experts. We understand that gluten free is neither exotic nor fad, but a everyday necessity for the celiac community. Hence our focus is on locally available ingredients and easy to understand and easy to make recipes.
All recipes and photographs are original and copyrighted by us and should not be reproduced in any form without prior permission. Please read our Terms of use before using this section.

Recipes to Begin With

Recipe listing

  • Gluten free Roti
  • Gluten Free Poorie
  • Gluten Free Cake
  • Gluten Free chocolate cookie
  • Gluten Free lemon cookie
  • Gluten Free Samosa
  • Gluten Free Jalebi
  • Gluten Free Amaranth Phirni
  • Gluten Free Tikki

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For a newly diagnosed celiac in India, the most challenging change in the kitchen is to prepare rotis out of non-wheat flours since it is gluten in the wheat flour which helps the rotis puff up and helps the bread and cake rise and not crumble. Some other popularly consumed items like bread, cookies, cake, pizza, naan, samosa, papdi and others pose a challenge too.

We have developed recipes of popularly consumed items where wheat flour needs to be substituted by other flours. These recipes have been developed in collaboration with our Advisor, Ms. Avanti Mathur who is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, New York and is presently based in New Delhi.

In our attempt to benefit the larger celiac community across India, we have tried to use ingredients which are easily available in India. Since information is lacking about the presence of gluten in packaged products, we have kept their use minimum, if at all.

Recipes by Leading Chefs

  • Chef Rajesh Wadhwa
    Executive Chef, Taj Palace,
    New Delhi
  • Chef Arun
    Brand and Cuisine head,
    Zambar, Delhi

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We are honored to have some leading chefs of India support our efforts by contributing recipes here. The list will be expanded soon. Revisit us or subscribe for updates.

Everyday Ideas

Inherently gluten free recipe ideas from various Indian cuisines are presented here. We will soon bring to you some simple popular and easy to use ideas from international cuisine too.

Recipe Book

Gluten free recipe book by Mrs Tarla Dalal, on the request of Dr. Pankaj Vohra, Founder, Celiac India

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On the request of Dr. Pankaj Vohra, Founder Celiac India, India’s leading food author, Mrs Tarla Dalal published a dedicated Gluten free recipe book which was released in August 2013.
Priced at Rs. 109/-, the book has 35 recipes from different gluten free flours which are easily available in India. Read more about the book here.