Chef Arun Kumar – Brand and Cuisine head, Zambar

chef arun photo


Arun Kumar TR, isn’t your usual Chef, infact he’s quite the contrary. Arun, a graduate from St Stephen’s College, has put in successful stints as a journalist and filmmaker. He began his food innings by running a wildly popular pop-up restaurant, Ammi, in the Delhi winter months which shaped his desire to unfold the potential of Southern Indian cuisine. Comprising a lavish buffet of over ten dishes, the pop-up would, well, pop up in the sunlit gardens of sprawling south Delhi bungalows or in spacious farmhouses on the outskirts of the city.
Specializing in Coastal South Indian food, it’s not really food for thought that inspires him; it’s the thought he puts in his food. The Executive Chef’s hat now proudly adorns Arun Kumar as the Brand and Cuisine head of Zambar. His passion for food is reflected in his dedication to sourcing quality ingredients for every menu.

His passion for cooking and the need for research on traditional, authentic coastal fare from the Southern Indian states, took him to the nooks & crannies of the varied cities and village pockets of region. Today, Arun has dedicated himself to the full-scale revival of the traditional, delicious home cuisine of this region, so rarely found in restaurants or hotels. By only using the best, locally grown seasonal produce and keeping the cooking process fresh and simple, the ingredients clearly speak for themselves. Arun’s mission is to bring the finest food from the south Indian cuisine because of its lightness and multi dimensional flavours to discerning palates. With his culinary zest and skills, Chef Arun has brought exotic tastes and aromas to the well travelled connoisseurs of food, offering a truly coastal experience to all the patrons of Zambar.


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