List of safe items

List of inherently gluten free items (Not exhaustive)

-Rice (all varieties and colours)
-Millets including pearl millet (bajra), sorghum (jowar), finger millet (ragi)
-Amaranth (ramdaana /cholai / rajgira)
-Buckwheat (kuttu)
-Corn (makka)
-Quinoa, wild rice, teff – These are rarely used in India

*Flours and/or starches made out of these

Please note the following:

  1. Heeng, though inherently gluten free, could have gluten in commercial packaging in the form of wheat flour as an anticaking agent. Till we have information from the manufacturers, it is advisable to avoid using heeng.
  2. Many of these flours are commercially available in India but care needs to be taken as most are usually milled in factories where wheat is also milled. Hence the chance of cross contamination with wheat is extremely high in them. It is recommended that one grinds these flours at home using an electric grinder.
  3. We also recommend that you grind spice/masala powders in your own grinder or in a shop where wheat is not used.
  4. Do also remember NOT to use the grinder meant for gluten free flours and spices for grinding any gluten containing item.