Healthy gluten free ingredients

It is important to eat ‘safe’ food items and equally important to eat healthy gluten free food items.

Look for monthly updates in this section for more tips and keep in mind that a balanced gluten free diet does not deprive you of any nutritional ingredient.

  1. Choose healthy gluten free grains, flours and other ingredients. Our monthly column about gluten free flours and other gluten free ingredients will be launched soon where you can read more about the nutritional value of these ingredients.
  2. Rice and rice flour are the easy options soon after diagnosis. But limit this to a minimum as it does not provide adequate fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Substitute wheat flour in your cooking by a combination of gluten free whole grain flours, pulse flours (daal), nut and seed flours.
  4. Incorporate pulses in your diet. Sprout grains, pulses and seeds which will increase their nutritional value.
  5. Commercially prepared gluten free products should be taken in moderation as they are usually high in starches, sugar and carbohydrates.
  6. Have a balanced diet. Consume all food items like fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and in case of non-vegetarians – egg, meat and fish, as per the recommended portion sizes for you or your child.