FAQs for younger children

What is celiac disease?

When someone with celiac disease eats gluten, a part of their small intestine gets damaged. It then cannot work properly and makes the child feel weak and unwell. Watch the video about celiac disease to learn more.

What is the function of the small intestine?

Small intestine helps absorb the good parts from the food that you eat. That is how our body gets its strength.

What does the word Celiac mean?

Celiac comes from a Greek word called “koelia” which means abdomen or stomach. Celiac disease was first noted more than a thousand years ago by a Greek doctor.

What is gluten?

Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. All items made from wheat like rotis, breads, cakes and mathris have gluten in them. There are other food items too which are not allowed which your parents will tell you about.

Will I have to eat medicines now?

No, you don’t have to eat any medicines or take any injections except vitamin, iron and calcium supplements for some time.

How will I get better?

What you have to do is stop eating GLUTEN. Once we keep this enemy away, there will be no damage to your small intestine.

How long will I take to feel better?

Once you stop eating gluten, you will start feeling well in just a few weeks. There will then be no need to miss school, friends and outings.

What food items can I eat?

You can continue eating all your favorite daals, vegetables, fruits, rice, milk, kheer, ladoo and other dishes prepared at home. Your family and you can also learn to prepare gluten free rotis, cakes, breads and other items.

Are there other children in the world who have celiac disease?

Yes, there are thousands of children in India and in many other countries in the world who have celiac disease just like you. After removing gluten from their diet, they are healthy and happy today, enjoying with their friends in all the activities.

Will I have to visit the doctor again?

Yes, you should visit your doctor regularly for a check-up so that you know if there is still any ‘gluten’ enemy in your food harming your intestine. You must remind your parents about your yearly meeting with your doctor. Always remember to carry your Gluten free health card with you.

What other things should I keep in mind to keep healthy?

  • Do NOT eat anything without your parent’s permission.
  • Do NOT share food with your friends. Do not eat from their tiffin boxes.
  • Do NOT eat food without washing your hands.
  • If you are not sure about any food item, do NOT eat it.
  •  Always remember that every time you eat something which you are NOT supposed to, even if it’s just a bite, you are letting the enemy get into your body.
  • Your relatives and friends may not know about your special food. In case they offer you food containing gluten, please say NO.
  • Do not feel shy talking about this. Share your happy and not so happy feelings with your parents, grandparents or teachers.