FAQs About Living with celiac disease

When will my child feel better?

You will see improvement within a few weeks of starting a gluten free diet. In cases where the symptoms are non-gastrointestinal, the improvement may take longer to be visible.

Can one be cured of celiac disease?

With the medical knowledge available presently, celiac disease cannot be cured. But the good news is that you can control this condition and all the symptoms related to it if you adhere to a strict gluten free diet.

Can celiac disease pose a risk to my child’s life?

No. If celiac disease is diagnosed in time and a strict gluten free diet maintained, it is not dangerous to a child’s life. Even if gluten is eaten by mistake, the symptoms are not life threatening. But it is important to keep in mind that ingestion of even small amounts of gluten will damage the child’s intestines and may have long term effects.

Can celiac disease delay or affect pubertal development?

Undiagnosed or untreated celiac disease can affect pubertal changes, like delayed puberty. But if celiac disease is diagnosed in time and strict gluten free diet is maintained post diagnosis, there will not be any negative impact on puberty and growth.

Read our interaction with Dr. Anju Virmani, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist who has explained this in depth.

Is it advisable for other members of the family to also stop eating gluten once one member (especially a small child) is diagnosed with celiac disease?

There will be situations wherein for the child to follow a strict gluten free diet, the entire family also follows a gluten free diet for the initial period after diagnosis. We would advise the other members of the family to get screened for celiac disease and only then stop eating gluten altogether, if needed. Please remember that if one chooses to switch to gluten free diet without diagnosis, then one will have to follow it strictly like an individual who has celiac disease.

Will my child be healthy enough to participate in sports activities?

Definitely yes. On a strict gluten free diet, your child should regain his health in a few months. There are no restrictions on any form of physical activity. In fact, exercise of any form will only help maintain good health.