Celiac friendly providers – Tanhau at Corbett

Our interaction with the owners of Tanhau

“Tanhau is a homestay in the foothills overlooking Corbett. It is an exclusive haven to enjoy nature & wildlife away from other tourists, in a manner that infringes the least on the surroundings. We have only have two guest cottages at Tanhau. Our attempt is to make your stay with us as personalized as possible & we think that happens best with small groups of people. Read more about us on www.tanhau.in

It is our endeavor to provide a memorable holiday experience to all our guests including anyone on a special diet. We are therefore, pleased to announce that Tanhau is now celiac and gluten free friendly. With awareness sessions and guidance by Celiac India & Beyond Foundation, our key staff is aware of celiac disease, cross-contamination and the importance of providing safe meals for a celiac individual. 

The following additional steps have been taken in our kitchen to ensure the above:


Though we will take utmost care, chances of cross contamination are still there as our kitchen is not dedicated gluten free.

While we update our website, www.tanhau.in and facebook page with the above details, we look forward to speaking to you on + 91 98717 81767 or receiving your queries on chaitali@tanhau.in or sunando@tanhau.in.”