Tips and suggestions

We have a section devoted exclusively for our older children. In addition to the FAQs and other resources in that section, we have some tips and suggestions too for them.

To begin with

Food ideas

-Learning the basics of cooking will help you in situations where you might have to cook for yourself and will also help you  while dining out. You will be more familiar with ingredients and possible sources of cross-contamination.
-You may want to learn some basic recipes to begin with. Read the recipes on this website, other books and websites, download them, make folders and save your favorite recipes. You will find many dishes which are naturally gluten free.
-Once adept at some recipes, prepare a gluten free meal and invite your friends. They would be impressed with your new skill!
-For all the boys out there – Don’t be shy entering the kitchen. Remember, many famous Chefs in the world are men!

Away from home

Learn to Say NO and be firm

Increase your knowledge AND SPREAD IT