Celiac friendly providers

Dining out and traveling is a challenge faced by most celiacs and their families as the awareness about the finer details of gluten free food is extremely limited in our country today.

It is our endeavor to create awareness amongst dining establishments and holiday providers about the need for gluten free food, how best to cater to gluten free customers and the importance of standardized procedures for service delivery. 

Watch out this space for the listing of ‘celiac friendly’ providers who, with our guidance and awareness sessions, are going the extra mile for making dining out safer and easier for our celiac families.

List of Resorts and Outlets

Details and Disclaimer

Please note that:

We would like to expand this list soon and hope that many more such outlets will come forward in the coming months and years. If you know of any organization which is interested in being a celiac friendly provider, please ask them to get in touch with us at glutenfree@celiacindia.org.in